My Photographic Journey Around America


Boston Carousel

I am a fan of carousels. This one is in Boston Common.


Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Cheers from Boston, Massachusetts.


Boston Public Garden 2

This really is such a great space in the middle of busy Boston, Massachusetts.


Boston Public Garden

It was such a nice day to be in Boston and I really like the swan boats there.


Ontario Parliament

I’ve always liked the Ontario Parliament building in Toronto, I’ve just never taken a photo of it before.


Kensington Market Colors

I really liked the colors at this little shop in Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario.



Toronto Street Scene

The weather sure was nice in Toronto when I was there – cool and clear and good to catch the colors of Kensington Market.


Toronto Dog Fountain

What a fun and playful place for young and old in the heart of downtown Toronto.


Old Chevy Truck

This was in the yard of a house in Montour Falls, New York.


Merchants Exchange Building

America’s first Stock Exchange – in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Yorklyn Mill

What a cool old mill building in Yorklyn, Delaware.


Dew Point Brewing Company

What a cool old building in Yorklyn, Delaware. A great place to stop in for a cold one.


Fort DuPont State Park

This is a beautiful but dilapidated building at the old Fort DuPont, now a state park, in Delaware City, Delaware. I do love some old buildings and was glad that someone was actually restoring this one.


Dover Row Houses

I just thought this was a pretty string of buildings in downtown Dover, Delaware.


Delaware Legislative Hall

I enjoyed my brief visit to the Delaware Legislative Hall in Dover, Delaware. I just wish some part of the complex had been open on the weekend.


Shequaga Falls

This is the beautiful Shequaga Falls in Montour Falls, New York.


I’m Back!

Hey everyone. Sorry for my extended absence. I had to get a new computer and have been trying to figure it out. Then I got back on the road and had a really busy few weeks. But now I’m back on the road and ready to start back on this project. Here is a great shot of the U.S. Capitol from my home in Washington D.C.


Broken Computer – Returning Soon

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while since I posted. My computer is done. So I bought a new one and am setting it up now and hope to be back posting photos soon. Thanks for your patience and thanks, as always, for following me on this wonderful journey! See you soon!



Pride of Baltimore

This is the beautiful ship Pride of Baltimore II. I found it at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland.


Star Spangled Banner

This is Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland. It is one of the sites of the Battle of Baltimore, and where the Star Spangled Banner flew. Francis Scott Key got the idea for the song which would become our national anthem from a boat in the harbor. This flag is a reproduction, the original is in the American History Museum in Washington D.C.