Lakeview Hotel

The Lakeview Hotel was looking pretty creepy in the afternoon fog when I was there. I think it’s probably different on a sunny day on the lake. This is in downtown Wawa, Ontario.



8 thoughts on “Lakeview Hotel

    1. I didn’t get a chance to check it out. I’m hoping it was less bleak on the inside. If not, it’s a great horror movie in the making…

      1. I work there and if walls could talk late at night when alone i get a very creepy feeling movie spot indeed been thinking about it often

      2. Wow! Thanks for your comment! I remember that place – I thought it was so cool. It must be a fascinating place to work!

  1. Mike,I thought you were trying to do black and white photography until I saw the different colours in the photo.If only the red car was fully visible then would have given another fantastic photo even in the fog ( this one is good as well).This only shows the power of sunshine and effect of it’s absence.

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