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Great Gallery

This is the Great Gallery in the Horseshoe Canyon Unit of Canyonlands National Park in Utah. These life size pictographs were left by the Desert Archaic people sometime between 1500 and 4000 years ago. They are quite an impressive sight to see.



Double Arch

This is spectacular Double Arch in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. If you look closely, you can make out some people inn the arch which will give you some perspective on the size of this amazing formation.




Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Utah is always beautiful, but just before sunset when the rock lights up it is spectacular.


Sunrise at Sentinel Mesa

This is beautiful Sentinel Mesa in Monument Valley, Arizona. I love being there in the early morning, the sky is so clear and the colors are spectacular.

IMG_3509 (2)

Morning Colors in Monument Valley

This is from the morning after the lunar eclipse that I posted  yesterday. It was quite the night in Monument Valley, Arizona.


Lunar Eclipse in Monument Valley

This photo is from a few weeks ago. It was truly an amazing thing to watch the lunar eclipse as it rose from behind the Mittens in Monument Valley, Arizona.


Sunset Tree

I like the profile of this tree as daylight fades in Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.



Last Light On The Canyon

This is right around sunset at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona as the last of the sun leaves The Canyon.


Cholla Cactus

The cholla cactus may look pretty harmless, but you definitely don’t want to touch them. These were in Joshua Tree National Park in California.


Desert Coral

I found this beautiful forest of ocotillo, also known as desert coral, in Joshua Tree National Park in California.


Skull Rock

Skull Rock is a super cool “Goonie-esque” natural rock formation in Joshua Tree National Park in California.


Colors at Grand Canyon

Quite simply the best photo I’ve ever taken at Grand Canyon in Arizona. After a super intense thundershower, the clouds opened up for sunset and an incredible palette of colors. Even after 60+ visits, The Canyon never ceases to amaze.


Emerald Falls

This is a rainy day waterfall in the Emerald Pools area¬†of Zion National Park in Utah. Usually it’s more of a trickle, but this day it was quite a sight.


Zion Waterfalls

Zion is a different place and a beautiful one in the rain. Waterfalls spring from cliff-tops and the clouds give depth to the sky. Another beautiful day in Utah.


Misty Morning in Zion

It was quite a misty morning here in Zion National Park in Utah. It is a totally different park in the rain.


The Watchman

This is The Watchman, one of my favorite peaks in Zion National Park in Utah.


Monumental Monolith

This fabulous monolith sits in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park in Arizona. This is right before sunset, when the valley is at its best.


Tree Through a Window

This is along the magnificent Arches Trail in Dixie National Forest in Utah.


Sun Touches Rock

This is just as the first rays of sunshine light up the fantastic hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.


Dawn in Bryce Canyon

This is right at dawn and before sunrise on the rim of Bryce Canyon in Utah.