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New Mexico Shop

This outdoor shop was so colorful and fun. Just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico.



New Mexico Benches

These benches and the wonderful red chile ristras behind them are such a fantastic New Mexico scene. This is just outside Santa Fe.




This is a great little diorama in the UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico.


Full Moon Dawn

This is right at dawn with a full moon and a frosty morning here at Grand Canyon in Arizona.


Thanksgiving Sunrise

Normally I’m a few days ahead of my photos as it takes a few days to edit them etc., but this was my view this morning out over Grand Canyon. The temperature was just below freezing and there was a fine sheen of frost on the ground. Happy Thanksgiving to all those Americans out there, and for those of you from the rest of the world, I’m very thankful for your support!


Buddy Holly

This statue is dedicated to the late, great Charles Hardin Holly who the world remembers as “Buddy”. In 1955 at age 19, he opened for Elvis and would later form a band with Waylon Jennings. His biggest hits, of course, were That’ll Be The Day and Peggy Sue. Like so many, he dies too young at the age of 22. This statue is in his hometown of Lubbock, Texas.


St. Joseph Plantation

This is the St. Joseph Plantation House on River Road in Louisiana.


Oak Alley

This is the front walkway to the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation along the River Road in Louisiana.


St. Louis Cemetery #3

This is right at dusk in St Louis Cemetery #3, one of the famed Walled Cities of the Dead in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Later on Bayou St John

This is a little bit later than the last shot, but different and just as pretty. This is Bayou St.IMG_4099 John in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Bayou St. John

This sunset was amazing over Bayou St. John in New Orleans, Louisiana. A storm was just rolling out and left this fantastic show of color.


St Charles Streetcar

I do love streetcars. This is the St. Charles Streetcar heading into the Central Business District in New Orleans, Louisiana.


November in New Orleans

It is always great to be in New Orleans, but it is even better when it cools down a bit in winter. This is Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral.


Nashville Signs

It is always great to be back in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m always so drawn to cool signs, especially neon ones.



DC Chinatown Gate

I believe this is the longest single span Chinatown gate in the world. This is in Washington D.C.


Smithsonian Elephant

This elephant has been in the rotunda at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum since 1959. It was my favorite thing about this particular museum and one of my favorite things in the whole Smithsonian when I was growing up in Washington D.C. I think those trips to the museums as a kid laid a pretty strong foundation for the adult that I’ve become.



Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother, my rock, my treasured friend and confidant and my biggest fan.


Lafayette Church

This creepy old church is a Friday the 13th special. It is at the corner of Route 15 and Route 94 in Lafayette Township, New Jersey.


Queen of Peace Retreat House

Boy am I a sucker for creepy old buildings. This one jumped out at me as I drove up Route 206 near Newton, New Jersey. Apparently it was a retreat house run by Benedictine monks from St. Paul’s Abbey. Now it’s just a creepy old building, more so on a gloomy fall day.


Tenaya Lake

This is the lovely Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park in California.