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Guitar Slim

I really like the Blues Trail in Mississippi. First, it’s fairly extensive and second, it takes me to some really cool parts of the state and gives me a reason to take the back roads. This day took me to meet Guitar Slim out on the a small rural highway near Greenwood, Mississippi.



Robert Johnson’s Grave

This is a photo of the grave of the great bluesman Robert Johnson. Or rather it is one of at least three marked graves for the mysterious figure. Undoubtedly one of the greatest guitarists of all time and yet very little is actually known about Johnson. Wherever his body actually lies, his music and legend live on. He lived in a whirlwind, may he rest in peace. This photo is from Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church outside Greenwood, Mississippi.


Little Zion Missionary

This is Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church, right outside of Greenwood, Mississippi. It looks a lot like many rural Baptist churches in the Delta, but this one holds a special place in the story of the Blues. It is the final resting place of the legendary Bluesman Robert Johnson. More on that tomorrow.


Statue and Courthouse

War statues and beautiful old courthouses are found all across the Deep South. These are in the wonderful town of Greenwood, Mississippi.


Greenwood, Mississippi

I really loved this bridge in Greenwood, Mississippi. And on a cloudy night, it was very atmospheric with the streetlights and the courthouse in the background. I was surprised by Greenwood. It was my first visit, but won’t be my last.


WABG – The Awesome AM

I loved this spot and I loved this radio station. WABG, The Awesome AM is located just outside of Greenwood, Mississippi on your map and at 960 on your AM radio dial. Their mix of blues, rock, and local news and programming makes me tune in anytime I’m in the area, and I think this photo of their station is cool.


Another Building With The Blues

Travelling around the Mississippi Delta as a photographer, you dream of seeing old worn down buildings like this one. I like it!


Blues Barn

Driving around the back roads of the Mississippi Delta, you sometimes come across a building that’s exactly as bluesy as you want it to be. This is one such building somewhere out there.


The Hollywood

Immortalized in the Marc Cohn classic “Walking in Memphis”, this is the famed Hollywood Café. And while Muriel Wilkins has since passed on and therefore no longer plays the piano on Friday, they still make some mean southern food here. Also of note, one of my favorite blues singers of all time Son House used to play here as well. If you’re ever in Tunica, Mississippi, I highly recommend stopping in for a bite.


Another Delta Sunset

The Mississippi Delta is a beautiful place. I took this shot somewhere out by the famed Parchman penitentiary.


B.B. King

This wonderful mural depicting the legendary Riley “B.B”. King can be found in downtown Indianola, Mississippi. The excellent museum there tells the fascinating story of his rise from The Beale Street Blues Boy (B.B. for short) to world famous musician in the context of the world he lived in. It is definitely worth a few hours if you are ever in the area.


Club Ebony

Club Ebony is one of the legendary Juke Joints of the Mississippi Delta. Located in Indianola, it was partly owned by BB King up until his death and he always played there once a year. Now rarely used, the building seems to be in good shape. I would love to see someone open this up again, at least on the weekends.


Dusk in the Delta

This is right at dusk in the Mississippi Delta right outside of Clarksdale at Hopson Commissary.


Thursday Night at Po’ Monkey’s

Some of y’all might remember what Po’ Monkey’s looks like during the day from this shot. I finally made it there on a Thursday night, and it was truly a special evening. The last of the true rural Juke Joints in the country. It is a magical place to visit if you are ever in Cleveland, Mississippi on a Thursday night.


Tunica Neon

I do love a good neon sign. It is also great to be back in the Mississippi Delta – a poor region rich in tradition, good music, good food and good people. This sign was at the Gateway to the Blues Museum and Visitor Center in Tunica, Mississippi.



Alright – I think I am about done with Mardi Gras. I’ve been out in the Mississippi Delta all week and internet has been a bit scarce. I haven’t gotten a lot of photos, but definitely some cool ones. I’ll try and get one up tomorrow! Meanwhile, this is from the amazing Krewe of Proteus.


New Orleans Knights

It’s always good to have your camera handy because you never know when you’ll see a knight tying up his horses at the local bar. Oh, Mardi Gras – how I’ve missed you. This is at the ever delicious Frankie and Johnny’s in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Throw Me Something Mista’

This is from the Krewe of Tucks Parade during the last weekend before Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Ladder Boxes

I had totally forgotten about these! Parents make these ladder boxes to give their kids front row seats to the parades during Mardi Gras here in New Orleans. Good memories!



Brass Band

These gentlemen were out marching and playing up a storm in the very small Bosom Buddies Parade in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.