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Mt Hood

This is fabulous Mt Hood as seen over I believe Troutdale, Oregon. What a beautiful day for it.




This is Mount Shasta in Northern California. It is always so spectacular to see. I finally got a decent photo of it after all these years.


Rust Covered Memories

What a cool old car. I love stuff like this. this is just a different angle on what I posted yesterday, but it seemed so different I thought it was worth a post. This is in Goldfield, Nevada. IMG_7537.JPG

Goldfield, Nevada

Such amazing scenery and some great old buildings and vehicles. This was in Goldfield, Nevada.


Crazy Cars in Goldfield

I guess living deep in the desert, you need a hobby. I thought these cars were pretty cool. These were in Goldfield, Nevada.


Plane Wreck

This was cool to see out in the desert of Western Nevada.



Zion National Park in Utah never ceases to humble and amaze me. The cliffs of Zion are never far from my thoughts and it is always a pleasure to be back.


Grafton House

I like tiny Grafton ghost town in southeast Utah. I have taken a lot of photos here. This house has been getting some work done to preserve it over the last few years. Life was tough in Grafton, but the scenery is hard to beat.


Perspective at Bryce Canyon

This is first light at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. I like this shot because the people on the left side give some perspective on the size of Bryce. One of my favorite parks, for sure.


Bryce Daybreak

This is a view of Bryce Canyon from Inspiration Point, right as the sun peaked over the clouds in the morning. Magical.


Old Zuni Mission

This is the Old Zuni Mission Church at the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. No longer used as a catholic church, it is still a beautiful building. The murals inside are the most beautiful examples of southwest Native American art I have ever seen anywhere at any time. Unfortunately there were no photos allowed inside so you will have to visit yourself.


Zuni Pueblo

I had the wonderful experience of visiting and touring the Zuni Pueblo in western New Mexico. The Zuni people were some of the warmest and most welcoming people I have encountered anywhere in the world. This is a view out over their traditional mud brick ovens which they used to bake breads traditionally, but now will even do a Thanksgiving turkey in. The mesa in the background is Dowa Yalanne or Corn Mountain.


Three Blue Doors

This is the last one I have from Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. I really thought this was a cool photo with the symmetry and color against the mountain backdrop.


Morning Talk Indian Shop

This was another colorful shop in Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. I liked the design and colors of the building.


San Geronimo Chapel

This is the beautiful Saint Jerome Chapel at Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. It was built in 1850 to replace an older church destroyed by the US Army in the Mexican American War in 1847. I found it quite stunning.



Taos Pueblo Art Studio

This building really struck me with it’s architecture, the colors and of course the beautiful backdrop. This is at Taos Pueblo in New Mexico.


Taos Pueblo Life

Today: a closer look at Taos Pueblo shows us their traditional mud ovens, some ladders and a shade house on the left side. It was actually quite cool there when I visited.


Taos Pueblo

I had not been to Taos Pueblo in quite a few years. It was really neat to be back and to visit this beautiful village again. This is an actual living village. People live and work inside of this 700 year old building. What a great day I had and got a few great shots while there.


A Green World

With legalized marijuana in Colorado comes a newly legitimized and highly profitable industry. I’m not weighing in on the issue, but it did leave me with this colorful shot with the beautiful mountains in the background. This was somewhere in southeastern Colorado.


Where The Sky Ends and The Mountains Begin

This was a beautiful scene outside of Fort Garland, Colorado. With the snow on the mountains and the beautiful white clouds, it was hard to tell where the the sky ended and the mountains began.