My Photographic Journey Around America


St. Patrick’s Day in Charleston

I’m going to put some of my favorite photos from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Charleston, South Carolina the next couple of days! It was fun!



I’m Back!

Hey everyone. Sorry for my extended absence. I had to get a new computer and have been trying to figure it out. Then I got back on the road and had a really busy few weeks. But now I’m back on the road and ready to start back on this project. Here is a great shot of the U.S. Capitol from my home in Washington D.C.


Broken Computer – Returning Soon

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while since I posted. My computer is done. So I bought a new one and am setting it up now and hope to be back posting photos soon. Thanks for your patience and thanks, as always, for following me on this wonderful journey! See you soon!



Pride of Baltimore

This is the beautiful ship Pride of Baltimore II. I found it at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland.


Star Spangled Banner

This is Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland. It is one of the sites of the Battle of Baltimore, and where the Star Spangled Banner flew. Francis Scott Key got the idea for the song which would become our national anthem from a boat in the harbor. This flag is a reproduction, the original is in the American History Museum in Washington D.C.


Cherry Blossoms

Well, the cherry blossoms got hit hard this year, but a few hung on for this photo of the Jefferson Memorial here in Washington D.C.


Dutch Haven

Dutch Haven is a great little place in Ronks, Pennsylvania and makes a mean shoo-fly pie.



Certainly one of the most joked about names for a town in the country, Intercourse, Pennsylvania is a neat little town in the heart of Amish Country. I’m glad they have put a seat next to the sign and embraced the idea of people stopping for a photo.


Al Capone’s Cell

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania once held the infamous gangster Al Capone. While I wouldn’t want to spend a day in jail, Al Capone’s cell looks like it was pretty cozy. At least I could catch up on some reading.


Eastern State Penitentiary

Right in the heart of Philadelphia, Eastern State Penitentiary was an active prison from 1829-1971. Now it is a museum, and a really interesting place to visit.


Reading Terminal Market

City Markets are wonderful places and Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia is one of the better ones in the country. A great place for lunch if you are ever in the area.


Philadelphia Masonic Temple

When you think of the history of Philadelphia, you would imagine a strong masonic presence. This temple is a beautiful building.


Philadelphia City Hall

This is one of my favorite buildings. City Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is wonderful with a statue of William Penn on top.


Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter. This is an old photo but I love the flowers and colors and it seemed somehow appropriate. It is in Glacier National Park.


Spooky House

This house was spooky, but also really cool. I’m sure in its time it was really something. This is in Franklin, West Virginia.



I think a lot of people like the caboose as much as I do. This one was resting in rural West Virginia.


West Virginia Fields

I thought this bus in the field was really cool too. This is in eastern West Virginia.



Rural Barn

This was another cool barn in eastern West Virginia.


Mail Pouch Tobacco

Mail Pouch Tobacco ads on the side of barns are pretty prevalent in some parts of West Virginia. I think they are really cool.


West Virginia Farm

Sorry guys, I’ve been “away from my desk” for a little bit – working on some projects and taking some time off. I did get out and do a little bit of travelling though. Here is a barn in rural West Virginia.