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Antelope Canyon

This is a tour group in the breathtaking Antelope Canyon of Arizona.



Sunset From Yavapai Point

Another great sunset at Grand Canyon in Arizona.


1000th Photo

This is the 1000th photo I’ve published on American Photo Blog! Thanks so much for being here! I’m choosing one from the most amazing evening at Grand Canyon. Right after a storm, with clouds resting in the valleys it was quite a sight to see.


Sunrise on Sentinel Mesa

Always great waking up in Monument Valley! This is beautiful Sentinel Mesa in the morning sun!


Sun and Mittens

This is the sun peaking out from behind The Mittens in Monument Valley.


Mitten View Colors

This is sunrise at Mitten View in Monument Valley. It was one of the coolest mornings I’ve spent there and I’ve spent a lot of them.


Grand Canyon Shadow Portrait

Here is a self-portrait in shadow at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.


The Watchtower

This is Mary Colter’s beautiful Watchtower at Desert View in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.


Monument Valley

A great full shot of Monument Valley late in the day. On the Navajo Reservation on the Arizona/Utah border.


Tombstone Stagecoach

This is an old stagecoach making its way down the main drag in Tombstone, AZ.


Another Monumental Sunrise

Just another beautiful sunrise here in Monument Valley Tribal Park on the Navajo reservation in Arizona.


Navajo Weaving

This is a shot of a Navajo woman giving a weaving demonstration inside a traditional Navajo Hogan in Monument Valley Tribal Park in Arizona.


The King on His Throne

This is one of the great formations in Monument Valley, Arizona. They are almost always referred to by their “Hollywood names”, and this one is The King on His Throne.



Sun on Sentinel Mesa

I do love Monument Valley in the morning. This is beautiful Sentinel Mesa in Arizona.


First Light on Monument Valley

This is sunrise from Mitten View in Monument Valley on the Navajo Reservation. in Arizona.


Lower Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a beautiful slot canyon on the Navajo Reservation near Page, Arizona.


Waves of Rock

It was nice to get back to the desert after an amazing summer in Alaska. This is some of the sandstone formation inside Lower Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona.



The O.K. Corral

This was fun. After many visits to Tombstone, Arizona I finally got to visit theĀ O.K. Corral and watch the shootout.


Sunrise in Tombstone

This is sunrise in the amazingly preserved cowboy town of Tombstone, Arizona.


Monument Valley Sunset

Shooting photos in Monument Valley on the Arizona Utah border in the heart of the Navajo Nation never gets old. This is right around sunset.