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Flat Creek Tavern

Flat Creek Tavern in Weaverville, North Carolina was one of the friendliest taverns I’ve ever been in. I really enjoyed myself here.



Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Cheers from Boston, Massachusetts.


The Jungle Room

I have always loved this tiki bar in the “Jungle Room” in Elvis’ Graceland. This is obviously in Memphis, Tennessee.



This is a great shot from downtown Hope, Alaska.



I love this old bar, now closed, on the property of Skinny Dick’s near Fairbanks, Alaska.


Twilight at the Dawg

This was right around midnight at the Salty Dawg in Homer, Alaska. Pretty cool.


The Salty Dawg

My favorite bar in the whole world is perched on the spit in Homer, Alaska. Loving the clouds behind it too!


Napoleon House

This is Napoleon House in the French Quarter of New Orleans, one of the coolest bars in the city. It was supposed to house Napoleon himself had he ever been sprung from exile and brought to Louisiana.


Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

One of my favorite bars to photograph in New Orleans, this is Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop.


Sip N’ Dip

This is my favorite bar on the lovely island of Caye Caulker here in Belize. The beautiful Sip N’ Dip is situated out over the water and is a great place to have a drink in the late afternoon or early evening!


Club Ebony

Club Ebony is one of the legendary Juke Joints of the Mississippi Delta. Located in Indianola, it was partly owned by BB King up until his death and he always played there once a year. Now rarely used, the building seems to be in good shape. I would love to see someone open this up again, at least on the weekends.


Thursday Night at Po’ Monkey’s

Some of y’all might remember what Po’ Monkey’s looks like during the day from this shot. I finally made it there on a Thursday night, and it was truly a special evening. The last of the true rural Juke Joints in the country. It is a magical place to visit if you are ever in Cleveland, Mississippi on a Thursday night.


Tropical Isle

This is the famous Tropical Isle bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a great time of the evening to catch the neon and the gas lamps.



Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

One day I will capture this beautiful building the way I want, but this isn’t bad. This is Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.


Summer Bar Window

This gentleman is enjoying a beer at High Dive Bar in Brooklyn, New York. It is just getting warm enough to open the windows and let the weather in. Spring is a little more special in places where winters can be brutal.


The Bullpen

When Nationals Park opened in 2008 in the Navy Yard area of Washington D.C., there was very little in the surrounding neighborhood. This is what prompted the opening of The Half Street Fairgrounds, more commonly known as The Bullpen. A parking lot enclosed by shipping containers, it has grown with the team and now has food trucks, live music and cornhole. It has always been a stopping point for a quick beer on the way to the stadium, but sadly the property has been sold and this may be the last year for The Bullpen. Cheers to all the great memories.


Middlegate Station

This is Middlegate Station in Fallon, Nevada. It served as a stage and freight station for many years and was also a Pony Express stop in its time. Today it is one of the last true roadhouses in the country. Stop in for a drink if you’re ever driving down Nevada Route 50, you’ll be glad you did.


International Serbian Christmas

This funky roadhouse/bar/café/hotel in Austin, Nevada definitely deserves a stop. It was an eclectic place for sure, but they cooked me up a delicious lunch.


Sunset Beach Tiki Bar

This is, I believe, a 1955 Chevy Nomad parked in front of Don the Beachcomber Tiki Bar in Sunset Beach, California. It just doesn’t get a whole lot more Southern California than that. I wish I could have better captured the beautiful glossy shine on this car.


Iron Door Saloon

The Iron Door is the oldest continuously operated bar in California. Located in Groveland, it opened its doors in 1852 and has been serving prospectors and passers-by ever since. I really loved the mural on the outside of the building, but the inside is full of character (and characters) as well.