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Mail Pouch Tobacco

I do love Mail Pouch advertisements. I found this one in Grafton, West Virginia. Check out a nice collection of my Mail Pouch photos from West Virginia here



Rural Barn

This was another cool barn in eastern West Virginia.


Mail Pouch Tobacco

Mail Pouch Tobacco ads on the side of barns are pretty prevalent in some parts of West Virginia. I think they are really cool.


West Virginia Farm

Sorry guys, I’ve been “away from my desk” for a little bit – working on some projects and taking some time off. I did get out and do a little bit of travelling though. Here is a barn in rural West Virginia.


Plantation Barn

This is the main barn on the Latta Plantation outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.


New Jersey Barn

I really loved this old barn out along the Old Mine Road in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in New Jersey.


Another Building With The Blues

Travelling around the Mississippi Delta as a photographer, you dream of seeing old worn down buildings like this one. I like it!


Blues Barn

Driving around the back roads of the Mississippi Delta, you sometimes come across a building that’s exactly as bluesy as you want it to be. This is one such building somewhere out there.


Autumn Farmhouse

This is Sugarbush Farm just outside of Woodstock, New Hampshire. It was a great day to be there and sample some of their wonderful cheese, maple syrup and other amazing treats.