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Old Greenville Wareshouse

I loved some of the old buildings around Greenville, South Carolina.



Boston Public Garden 2

This really is such a great space in the middle of busy Boston, Massachusetts.


Fort DuPont State Park

This is a beautiful but dilapidated building at the old Fort DuPont, now a state park, in Delaware City, Delaware. I do love some old buildings and was glad that someone was actually restoring this one.


Delaware Legislative Hall

I enjoyed my brief visit to the Delaware Legislative Hall in Dover, Delaware. I just wish some part of the complex had been open on the weekend.


Philadelphia City Hall

This is one of my favorite buildings. City Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is wonderful with a statue of William Penn on top.


The U.S. Capitol

The Capitol Building looks so nice now that the scaffolding is down. The multi-year repair of the dome is done, and it looks spectacular. Obviously in Washington D.C.



Camp Caswell

I have always liked this building – just seems so cool.


Kennecott Mill

This is the Kennecott Mill in Kennecott, Alaska. An old copper mill now in the heart of Wrangell-St.Elias National Park, it truly is one of my favorite buildings.


Old McCarthy

This is in beautiful downtown McCarthy, Alaska. It really is a special place full of history.



New Jersey Barn

I really loved this old barn out along the Old Mine Road in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in New Jersey.


Another Building With The Blues

Travelling around the Mississippi Delta as a photographer, you dream of seeing old worn down buildings like this one. I like it!


Blues Barn

Driving around the back roads of the Mississippi Delta, you sometimes come across a building that’s exactly as bluesy as you want it to be. This is one such building somewhere out there.


Queen of Peace Retreat House

Boy am I a sucker for creepy old buildings. This one jumped out at me as I drove up Route 206 near Newton, New Jersey. Apparently it was a retreat house run by Benedictine monks from St. Paul’s Abbey. Now it’s just a creepy old building, more so on a gloomy fall day.


Quebec Door and Windows

What a beautiful little building in Quebec City.


Rural Farm Building

This old building had a lot of character sitting on the side of highway 378 in rural South Carolina. I like it.


Atlanta Capitol Christmas

This is the beautiful Capitol Building in Atlanta, Georgia. It was so pretty and so quiet when I was there. I really enjoyed my visit and there was a lot to see, but I liked this main stairwell all decked out for Christmas,


Nashville Station

This is the beautiful Union Station here in Nashville, Tennessee.


Tennessee State Capitol

This is the beautiful Tennessee State Capitol Building as the sun was going down in Nashville, Tennessee. It was really quite a beautiful view from my hotel room on the hill.