My Photographic Journey Around America

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Old Chevy Truck

This was in the yard of a house in Montour Falls, New York.


The Webster

This is the old Webster Hotel in the Art Deco District of Miami Beach, Florida. I believe that is a mid-fifties Dodge, but I’m not completely sure.


Beautiful Bel Air

If I’m not mistaken, this is a beautiful 1955 Chevy Bel Air, parked on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida. Beautiful!


Desert Car

I’m sure when this baby rolled off the line it was something to behold – bright, shiny and new. Who’d have thought it would wind up here in the middle of the desert in central Nevada.


Florida Mustang

I’ve owned two mustangs in my life. I gave up one last year to a good home, and one still lives on blocks in my mother’s garage. They’re the only cars I’ve ever owned in the U.S. and I think they are beautiful machines. This is a gorgeous little ’66 parked near the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida.