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Emerald Lake

This is Emerald Lake, also in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. What a spectacular hike.



Dream Lake

This is beautiful Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.


Another Rocky Mountain View

Another great view in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.


Rocky Mountain National Park

This was a great vista point from the road looking out at the Rocky Mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.


Bierstadt Lake

It was a lovely day to be at Bierstadt Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.



Gem Lake

This is beautiful Gem Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.


Estes Park, Colorado

This is looking down from above at Estes Park, Colorado with the Rocky Mountains in the background.


Mesa Verde

This is Cliff Palace, a beautiful native ruin in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.


Colorado Highway

This is Highway 145 just outside of Telluride, Colorado. It’s roads like this that make me love driving.


A Green World

With legalized marijuana in Colorado comes a newly legitimized and highly profitable industry. I’m not weighing in on the issue, but it did leave me with this colorful shot with the beautiful mountains in the background. This was somewhere in southeastern Colorado.


Where The Sky Ends and The Mountains Begin

This was a beautiful scene outside of Fort Garland, Colorado. With the snow on the mountains and the beautiful white clouds, it was hard to tell where the the sky ended and the mountains began.


Prarie Peacock

Wandering around Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site near La Junta, Colorado I was not expecting to see this beautiful peacock roaming around. It was a pleasant surprise in the early morning light.


The Trading Post

Bent’s Old Fort, near what is now La Junta, Colorado, was above all things a trading post. I really like this recreated and re-outfitted room displaying the kinds of goods they would have had. It reminded me of Fort Union National Historic Site in North Dakota.


Inside Bent’s Old Fort

This is the inside of the Fort. The highlight is the press in the center which would compress bison hides and allow them to be packed up for transport east, where they commanded a high price. The fort is near La Junta, Colorado.


Bent’s Old Fort

I read a lot about Bent’s Old Fort over the winter and was really excited to visit. It was a fascinating stop along the Santa Fe Trail on the frontier in the old west, a place to find a tiny scrap of “civilization” and get a good meal and a trading post with anything you could want or need. Although this is a recreation as the original fort burned down, it is a very cool stop indeed. It is near La Junta, Colorado.


Kiva Ladder

In Ancestral Puebloan culture, the kiva was believed to be the center of communal and ceremonial life. This one is at Spruce Tree House in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.


Spruce Tree House

This is Spruce Tree House, the best preserved cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.


Cliff Palace

This is the amazing Cliff Palace, an Ancestral Puebloan village dating from around 1300AD. It is in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.


Ute Flute Player

This was a wonderful performance at the cultural center in Cortez, Colorado.


Trout Lake

This is Trout Lake, high in the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Colorado. The reflection was just too good to pass up.