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Florida Reflections

It’s been a great season out here on the road. Time to head home for a bit and start planning for the next phase. This is on the Seminole Indian Reservation in South Florida.




Seminole Swamp

This is on a swamp tour out on the Seminole Indian Reservation in Florida. I honestly have no idea what kind of animal that is, but I’m sure I will feel dumb when someone lets me know.


Up Close and Personal

This is a nice close-up with one of the gators in Bug Cypress National Preserve in Florida. You can even see the teeth.


Big Gator

This was a big alligator hanging out in the sun in Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida.


Big Cypress Gator

This is just a little alligator, but it was out and about in Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida.


Venice Sunset

This is the sunset looking out across the Gulf of Mexico from Venice, Florida.


Sand Angel

Another beautiful piece of art at Treasure Island, Florida.


Sand Man

This was a really cool piece of sand art on the beach at Treasure Island, Florida.


More Christmas Lights

Here is another great display in Treasure Island, Florida.


Christmas Lights

I liked these Christmas lights in Treasure Island, Florida.


Florida Speedboat

This is out along Boggy Creek Road just outside of Kissimmee, Florida. I’m always a sucker for palm trees and reflections.


Lake Tohopekaliga

Quite a mouthful of a name, but a beautiful place for a boat ride here in central Florida.



This is the Space Shuttle Atlantis, now retired and resting at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. So very cool to be able to see. IMG_7045.JPG

The Final Frontier

This is just for fun. I took it at Kennedy Space Center in Florida – what a cool place to visit.


South Beach

And another from my Cars in Front of Hotels series: this is a beautiful yellow Corvette in front of the Crescent Hotel on Ocean Drive in South Beach, Florida.


The Webster

This is the old Webster Hotel in the Art Deco District of Miami Beach, Florida. I believe that is a mid-fifties Dodge, but I’m not completely sure.


Ocean Drive

Welcome to beautiful Miami Beach, Florida. This is the Breakwater Hotel, right on Ocean Drive. IMG_7070

Skee Ball on the Beach

I remember being a kid and playing skee ball at the beach. I’m sure there are people who are really good at it, I just always thought it was fun. This colorful scene is inside Rock’it Lanes in Panama City Beach, Florida.


Sunset at the Pier

It’s going to be a while before I see the beach again. The weather is cooling down and the summer crowds have all gone home. I miss the sea when I’m not near it, it’s like something is missing. Next time I’m at the beach, it’s going to be on the west coast, but it won’t be until the new year. This is sunset behind the pier at Panama City Beach in Florida.


Panama City Beach Hotels

I’m not sure why I like this picture, but I do. This is the white sand beach of Panama City Beach, Florida just after sunset. I like the moon and the colors in the sky.