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Sunset From Yavapai Point

Another great sunset at Grand Canyon in Arizona.



1000th Photo

This is the 1000th photo I’ve published on American Photo Blog! Thanks so much for being here! I’m choosing one from the most amazing evening at Grand Canyon. Right after a storm, with clouds resting in the valleys it was quite a sight to see.


Grand Canyon Shadow Portrait

Here is a self-portrait in shadow at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.


The Watchtower

This is Mary Colter’s beautiful Watchtower at Desert View in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.


Hopi House

This is one of my favorite buildings at Grand Canyon. Hopi House was designed by the great architect Mary Coulter.


Waves of Color

This is looking out from Yavapai Point in Grand Canyon National Park. Sunsets have been pretty amazing here this year.


Arizona Sunset

Another spectacular sunset out here near Grand Canyon in Arizona.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone around the world. This is the lovely fireplace at the historic El Tovar Hotel in Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.


Gingerbread House

This very cool gingerbread house was at the El Tovar Dining Room in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.


Full Moon Dawn

This is right at dawn with a full moon and a frosty morning here at Grand Canyon in Arizona.


Thanksgiving Sunrise

Normally I’m a few days ahead of my photos as it takes a few days to edit them etc., but this was my view this morning out over Grand Canyon. The temperature was just below freezing and there was a fine sheen of frost on the ground. Happy Thanksgiving to all those Americans out there, and for those of you from the rest of the world, I’m very thankful for your support!


Sunset Tree

I like the profile of this tree as daylight fades in Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.



Last Light On The Canyon

This is right around sunset at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona as the last of the sun leaves The Canyon.


Colors at Grand Canyon

Quite simply the best photo I’ve ever taken at Grand Canyon in Arizona. After a super intense thundershower, the clouds opened up for sunset and an incredible palette of colors. Even after 60+ visits, The Canyon never ceases to amaze.


Sunrise from Mather Point

This is one more magnificent sunrise from Mather Point in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Love the clouds.


Grand Canyon Dusk

The clouds were amazing today at Grand Canyon in Arizona. This is long after the sun set, and well worth waiting for.


Tree at Canyon’s Edge

This lovely tree is capturing those last rays of sunlight before the sun sets behind the horizon. This is still at Grand Canyon, Arizona.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Late Afternoon at Grand Canyon

This is in that magic time just before the sun makes a break for it at Grand Canyon, Arizona. This is the best time of day to see the myriad of colors the canyon is capable of.


Light Touches Stone

This is my favorite part about sunrise at Grand Canyon in Arizona. Once the sun has risen, you get to watch the light slowly descend to the depths of the canyon. It is truly a magical thing to watch.


First Light on Grand Canyon

The sun is just peaking over the rim here at Grand Canyon National Park, from the south rim in Arizona.