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Lincoln Memorial at Night

Night is my favorite time to be downtown in my hometown of Washington D.C. It’s great to be home sometimes! This is the Lincoln Memorial.




Lincoln Memorial at Night

I love being home and being downtown at night with my camera. This is the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.


Lincoln Memorial

This is, of course, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Poor Lincoln was always so somber. I often wonder if he ever had a chance to enjoy being president, even for a little while. The world today would be a very different place without him.



Nighttime in Washington

It is good to be home for a few days. I took my group out for a walking tour of the National Mall last night. It was cool and quiet and really a beautiful night. Took this shot from the National World War II Memorial towards the Lincoln Memorial. I wish I had my tripod because it would be a little cleaner, but I still think it’s a nice shot.