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The America

The America is a new 185 guest cruise ship cruising the Mississippi River. I caught it docked near Gonzales, Louisiana.



Houmas House Fountain

Wow it’s been a crazy few weeks – working too hard with very little internet. But I’ve been in some cool and beautiful places and hope to catch up on some editing and blogging over the next few weeks.

This is Houmas House in Louisiana, an old sugar plantation now open for tours.


Happy Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! This is from last year’s trip to New Orleans.


Blue Dog

This is George Rodriguez’ Royal Street Gallery in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It has been raining for 2 days here in Miami, but I hope to get a few Miami pics in the next few days before I head out.


French Quarter House

A beautiful house on a beautiful night in the French Quarter of New Orleans.


Royal Street Antiques

I know, a lot of New Orleans photos. I had to change direction with work and do a trip on short notice I wasn’t really prepared for. It’s been awesome, but I’ve been playing catch-up all week. A few cool photos to follow, I hope. But since I’ve been editing photos from last week in New Orleans, I figured I would¬†post a few. ¬†This is a beautiful antique store window display on Royal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Napoleon House

This is Napoleon House in the French Quarter of New Orleans, one of the coolest bars in the city. It was supposed to house Napoleon himself had he ever been sprung from exile and brought to Louisiana.


Clover Grill

I think this is one of the coolest corners in New Orleans to photograph and I have posted one photo before from pretty much this exact spot (and probably a better one, see it here!), but what can I say, I like it!


Cornstalk Fence

This is the famous Cornstalk Fence Hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The fence was erected in 1840 when the owner wanted to ease the homesickness of wife who was from Iowa. It has had many famous guests, perhaps most notably the Clintons and Elvis Presley.


Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

One of my favorite bars to photograph in New Orleans, this is Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop.


Mask Shop Window

New Orleans has some of the coolest mask shops in the world. This one in particular caught my eye with its colorful window display. It was so distinct and beautiful in the early evening light.


Pere Antoine’s

This is Pere Antoine Restaurant at the corner of Royal and St. Ann in the ever beautiful French Quarter of New Orleans.


French Quarter Carriage

I love the ironwork in the French Quarter of New Orleans and a carriage ride is the perfect way to explore this amazing corner of the world.


Royal Mask Shop

I love the feel of the French Quarter of New Orleans at night. This is the proprietor of the Royal Mask Shop on Royal Street.


French Quarter Street

I lived in the French Quarter of New Orleans for a few years, and it is very much my second home. This was an amazing night to shoot and I got some great photos. An empty street and a cool night sky make this one of my favorites.


Statue and Flowers

I really enjoyed shooting at Houmas House in Gonzales, Louisiana. But this it the last one for now. I really enjoyed the spring flowers and the statues on the property.


Plantation House

This is Houmas House, the main building on what was once one of the largest sugar plantations in the country. It is near Gonzales, Louisiana.


Southern Statue

This is one of many beautiful statues on Houmas House Plantation near Gonzales, Louisiana.


Pam’s Choice Foxglove

These beautiful flowers are called Pam’s Choice Foxgloves and they are growing at Houmas House Plantation near Gonzales, Louisiana.



These alligator statues are protecting the lawn at the Houmas House Plantation near Gonzales, Louisiana.