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The Greenbrier

This is the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. It is a beautiful place and was also home to a secret underground bunker for the United States Congress until 1992. You can hear the full story on my podcast HERE.




This was the wonderful town of Helvetia, West Virginia, population 59. I had a wonderful buffet lunch there in the snow. Read all about it here.


Lost River State Park

This was from the viewpoint at Lost River State Park in West Virginia.


Big Sky Country

I love some of these sweeping views in Montana. This was on the road to Virginia City.


Down Range in the North Cascades

This was looking down from the high points on the highway running through North Cascades National Park in Washington.


Smoke in the North Cascades

The fires sure were bad this summer in the Northwest. It made it difficult to shoot, but it was also kind of cool in a way. This is in North Cascades National Park in Washington State.


The North Cascades

Hey everyone! Sorry for my unannounced absence from the blogosphere. I was busy finishing my tour season and heading home for a bit. Then I took a vacation from my computer for a while and then started working on some other projects to be unveiled in the next few weeks. But I’m back to editing photos and have some great ones from late summer to share. Hope you’re all well out there.

This is from the smoky but beautiful North Cascades in Washington State. It’s one of my favorites from the last few months!


Morant’s Curve

This is Morant’s Curve – a lovely spot near Lake Louise in Banff National Park in Alberta. One of these days I’ll be there when a train is coming through!


Glacier Mountains

I took this from the trail leading to Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park in Montana.


Lake McDonald

This is beautiful Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park in Montana.


Moody Mountains

These mountains came out dark and mysterious in this shot. I like the mood of it. This is in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.


Snake River Bend

This is the Snake River Bend in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.


Back at Mormon Row

Just another photo from Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park. I can’t help it – I like shooting there.


Estes Park, Colorado

This is looking down from above at Estes Park, Colorado with the Rocky Mountains in the background.


Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter. This is an old photo but I love the flowers and colors and it seemed somehow appropriate. It is in Glacier National Park.


West Virginia Farm

Sorry guys, I’ve been “away from my desk” for a little bit – working on some projects and taking some time off. I did get out and do a little bit of travelling though. Here is a barn in rural West Virginia.


Colorado Highway

This is Highway 145 just outside of Telluride, Colorado. It’s roads like this that make me love driving.


Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park in one of my favorite parks in the country. The mountains are spectacular.


The Tetons

This is a great view of how steeply the Grand Tetons rise from the ground. This is in Wyoming.


Wyoming Views

This is another shot from Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.