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Antelope Canyon

This is a tour group in the breathtaking Antelope Canyon of Arizona.



Sun and Mittens

This is the sun peaking out from behind The Mittens in Monument Valley.


Monument Valley

A great full shot of Monument Valley late in the day. On the Navajo Reservation on the Arizona/Utah border.


Another Monumental Sunrise

Just another beautiful sunrise here in Monument Valley Tribal Park on the Navajo reservation in Arizona.


Navajo Weaving

This is a shot of a Navajo woman giving a weaving demonstration inside a traditional Navajo Hogan in Monument Valley Tribal Park in Arizona.


The King on His Throne

This is one of the great formations in Monument Valley, Arizona. They are almost always referred to by their “Hollywood names”, and this one is The King on His Throne.



First Light on Monument Valley

This is sunrise from Mitten View in Monument Valley on the Navajo Reservation. in Arizona.


Lower Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a beautiful slot canyon on the Navajo Reservation near Page, Arizona.


Monument Valley Sunset

Shooting photos in Monument Valley on the Arizona Utah border in the heart of the Navajo Nation never gets old. This is right around sunset.


El Capitan

The Navajo call this beautiful monolith Agathla, the Spanish explorers called it El Capitan. It is on US 163 just north of Kayenta, Arizona.


Navajo Weaving

This woman is spinning the wool she will use to weave a beautiful hand-made rug. We are inside a traditional Hogan, or log home in Monument Valley, Arizona.


Sunrise at Sentinel Mesa

This is beautiful Sentinel Mesa in Monument Valley, Arizona. I love being there in the early morning, the sky is so clear and the colors are spectacular.

IMG_3509 (2)

Morning Colors in Monument Valley

This is from the morning after the lunar eclipse that I posted  yesterday. It was quite the night in Monument Valley, Arizona.


Lunar Eclipse in Monument Valley

This photo is from a few weeks ago. It was truly an amazing thing to watch the lunar eclipse as it rose from behind the Mittens in Monument Valley, Arizona.


Monumental Monolith

This fabulous monolith sits in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park in Arizona. This is right before sunset, when the valley is at its best.


Antelope Canyon Too

This is another shot of Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona.


Antelope Canyon

This is the ever beautiful Antelope Canyon slot canyon near Page, Arizona. Incredible.


Mitten Sunset

This is the view of The Mittens in Monument Valley, Arizona right before sunset. Always breathtaking.


Artists’ Point

This is the view from beautiful Artists’ Point looking out at the wonderful formations of Monument Valley on the Utah/Arizona border.


Pale Dusk and Red Rock

This was a beautiful evening to be out in Monument Valley on the Utah/Arizona border. The colors were muted but fantastic.