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Jackson County Courthouse

This is the Jackson County Courthouse in Sylva, North Carolina.



Mingus Mill

This is Mingus Mill in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Flat Creek Tavern

Flat Creek Tavern in Weaverville, North Carolina was one of the friendliest taverns I’ve ever been in. I really enjoyed myself here.


The Dutch Room

This is the amazing Delft tile fireplace in the Dutch Room at Intheoaks in Black Mountain, North Carolina. It was the site of some crazy prohibition-era parties. Read all about it in a full blog post HERE.


Inside Intheoaks

Intheoaks is a beautiful, fascinating 1920s era mansion in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside Black Mountain, North Carolina. Read all about it in my post HERE.



Intheoaks (yes that’s how it’s spelled!) is a fascinating building getting some much needed structural upgrades in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Read all about this amazing prohibition-era mansion HERE.


King Cake!

I love King Cake, and the ladies at the Sweet Monkey Cafe in Marshall, North Carolina sure made a good one. Read more about it HERE.


Marshall Gras

I had an amazing time celebrating Mardi Gras with the wonderful people of tiny Marshall, North Carolina. I wrote a brief post about it HERE.


Hi-Wire Brewing

This was taken at the Hi-Wire Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina. I did a story on the breweries of Ashville. You can read it HERE.


Inside the Barber Shop

My last post was from outside the Barber Shop in Drexel, North Carolina. This one is inside as 80 year old Dave takes a break from the chair to impart some wisdom on a local youngster. Read the whole story on my blog HERE.


Drexel Barber Shop

Sorry guys, it’s been a busy month here in North Carolina. Be sure you are following along with all of my latest adventures HERE. This is a shot from outside the wonderful Drexel Barber Shop in Drexel, North Carolina. Every week they host an amazing bluegrass jam session. You can read all about it in a full blog post HERE.


Old Salem Tavern

This is the Tavern in Old Salem, North Carolina. They serve wonderful traditional Moravian food there. To find out more, you can read my whole article on it HERE.


Inside Priddy’s General Store

My last post was of the exterior of Priddy’s General Store. This one is of the inside. Priddy’s is a real, honest-to-goodness old time General Store in Stokes County, North Carolina.


Priddy’s General Store

Priddy’s General Store has been around since 1888 just outside of the town of Danbury, North Carolina. It is a real local treasure. I was fortunate enough to see a live bluegrass show there last week. You can read about it HERE.


Whole Hog at the Skylight Inn

The whole hog style of barbecue of Eastern Carolina has never been my favorite. My visit to the Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina changes all of that. This place was a real treat! You should check it out, or read my article about it HERE.


On the Beach in the Outer Banks

This was in January in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Not a soul in any direction. You should definitely consider taking your beach vacation in the off-season. I wrote an article about it and you can find it HERE.


Waves at Kill Devil Hills

It is always great to be at the beach. This is a view north at the Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills North Carolina.


Bodie Light

This is the beautiful Bodie Lighthouse on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I took the photo at dusk.


Halifax Tap Room

This was a recreated “ordinary”, a very basic tavern which would have served travelers in the early days of the country. It was really cool to see on my visit to Halifax, North Carolina. You can read all about my visit HERE


Nighttime at Edenton Light

This was the same day, same light as the last photo I published, but at night it was pretty cool as well. This is in Edenton, North Carolina.