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Mesa Verde

This is Cliff Palace, a beautiful native ruin in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.



Sunrise on Sentinel Mesa

Always great waking up in Monument Valley! This is beautiful Sentinel Mesa in the morning sun!


Old Zuni Mission

This is the Old Zuni Mission Church at the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. No longer used as a catholic church, it is still a beautiful building. The murals inside are the most beautiful examples of southwest Native American art I have ever seen anywhere at any time. Unfortunately there were no photos allowed inside so you will have to visit yourself.


Three Blue Doors

This is the last one I have from Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. I really thought this was a cool photo with the symmetry and color against the mountain backdrop.


San Geronimo Chapel

This is the beautiful Saint Jerome Chapel at Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. It was built in 1850 to replace an older church destroyed by the US Army in the Mexican American War in 1847. I found it quite stunning.



Sunrise in Tombstone

This is sunrise in the amazingly preserved cowboy town of Tombstone, Arizona.


Hopi House

This is one of my favorite buildings at Grand Canyon. Hopi House was designed by the great architect Mary Coulter.


Nightfall in Santa Fe

I had forgotten how beautiful it is here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is in the heart of downtown just as evening settles in.


Santa Fe Plaza

This is the beautiful Santa Fe Plaza looking towards the La Fonda Hotel at dusk.


Dusk in Santa Fe

IMG_4287This is the beautiful cathedral of St. Francis in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Zion Mountain Sunset

I’m not even really sure what this mountain is, but it is always very striking as I drive in and out of Zion National Park inn southern Utah. This is right around sunset.


First Light on Grand Canyon

The sun is just peaking over the rim here at Grand Canyon National Park, from the south rim in Arizona.