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Certainly one of the most joked about names for a town in the country, Intercourse, Pennsylvania is a neat little town in the heart of Amish Country. I’m glad they have put a seat next to the sign and embraced the idea of people stopping for a photo.



Rural New Jersey

I’m back! Sorry about the silence everyone. After two years of American Photo Blog I finally hit a stretch where I just couldn’t get around to taking or posting any photos. I got home safely from Belize and had to turn around and quickly start preparing for another summer on the highways and back roads of North America. Tomorrow I will officially be back on the road. Today I had a chance to catch my breath and go out and shoot. This is a beautiful building in Millbrook Village in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area here in Western New Jersey.


Snow in the Catskills

This is Main St. in beautiful Pine Hill, New York – deep in the heart of the Catskills.


Senoia, Georgia

This is the main drag in beautiful downtown Senoia, Georgia. All you Walking Dead fans may recognize it as the town of Woodbury. IMG_0660

Main Street, Supai Arizona

This is the main drag through the amazing little town of Supai, Arizona. The main village on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, Supai has a population of only 208 residents. There are no roads leading to Supai, you must either walk, fly or ride there.